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Rita McGrath consults with some of the world’s leading organizations, running workshops and facilitated retreats to help senior teams gain a fresh perspective on their issues.  She is highly valued for her ability to challenge executives’ assumptions and provoke fresh thinking.  Her extensive experience with companies all over the world make her a unique resource for organizational leaders.  She is most in-demand for her work on strategic innovation.


Rita Gunther McGrath consults on a selective basis with senior teams on projects that can be as short as a facilitated meeting or as long as a lengthy strategy engagement. Recent engagements have included:

  • Facilitating an offsite retreat for the executive committee of a major financial services institution
  • Implementing discovery driven planning in a distribution business
  • Facilitating a 6-month comprehensive strategy review for a large software organization
  • Helping a large industrial organization to establish its innovation office
  • Helping a global services organization identify new opportunities to grow its core business


“Your presentation and real life examples provided practical information and a useful “checklist” for our participants. The break out sessions were well received and provided us with an opportunity to brain storm as a team, with helpful guidance and oversight from you.”

Nancy McKinstry
CEO, Wolters Kluwers

“I have worked several years with Rita with excellent results! She really makes the difference with her new views and professional experience.”

Birgit Byman-Kivivuori
HRD Manager, Human Resources
Nokia Ventures Organization

“The Market Busters strategies and tactics provide much-needed structure for the innovation process. Rita McGrath’s unique innovation lenses and tools helped us understand how to take innovation at Nestle to the next level.”

John Dilts, Managing Director of Dilts Ventures, LLC,
Entrepreneurial Innovation Expert and Moderator for Nestlé’s 2007 Innovation Conference

“Rita McGrath is a thrilling speaker — one of the best on strategy subjects of relevance to companies. She is bright, quick, energetic, focused, inspiring and effective. Rita teaches and learns as well, in real time, while challenging executives to sharpen their strategies and raise their aspirations.

Rita is herself a dynamic woman who thinks as fast and as powerfully as the brightest managers in any company, and who can confidently challenge any executive on raising the bar of ambition and improving the odds of success.

Rita creates lasting change in the way executives view their strategies and the possibilities that sound thinking can create for customers and companies.”

Steve Newman, Program Director for Executive Development, Ericsson