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Women’s leadership

More on the “tightrope” effect

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned the “tightrope” that professional women are often forced to deal with.  Too friendly and approachable?  You’re “nice” but not taken seriously.  Too aggressive and insistent?  You’re … well, we all know the terms.  I was at a meeting yesterday in which one of the “ahas” was that it is nearly impossible for women to figure out where they stand with respect to the tightrope... read more »

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Learning to navigate the teaching tightrope as a women

An interesting column by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg made me think of some of the ups and downs of learning to teach in an environment where most of the people around you are men. One of the first things you learn pretty quickly is that your range of acceptable behavior tends to be narrower. Be too assertive, and we all know what those women are called. Be too nice... read more »

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New Women’s Leadership Course to be Launched in June

Anyone who has been following the coverage of women in the workplace, for example, this series in the Wall Street Journal, knows the general story line.  Professional women enter workplaces in numbers roughly equal to men, but with each rung of the career ladder, there are fewer and fewer, until the number of women representing the very top leadership of large corporations is a tiny fraction of the total.  Explanations for this disparity have... read more »

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