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Hacking your budget

I was recently asked by a reporter from U. S. News and World Report to offer some advice for people who are trying to start the New Year on a good note by getting their personal budgets in order.  You can read that article here.  A few other tips that didn’t make it into the final article are: Use underutilized resources.  Most of us have stuff that has value sitting... read more »

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Secrets of the Superbosses – catch up on Syd Finkelstein’s latest book

Lorne Michaels. Ralph Lauren. Alice Waters. George Lucas. Larry Ellison. Miles Davis. And a dozen others. Business leaders and creative icons with tremendous track records who all have something else in common: they helped develop the best talent in their industries, who in turn helped them become the legendary successes they are today. Based on ten years of research and hundreds of interviews, Superbosses describes what these exceptional leaders did,... read more »

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The Future of Work: Panel at the Thinkers50 Event

Stuart Crainer of the Thinkers50 moderated a dream panel of people to comment on where “work” is going, including my dear friend Lynda Gratton (who just won an HR lifetime achievement award!), Amy Edmondson, Tammy Erickson and another dear friend Stew Friedman.  They didn’t all agree where work was heading, which made for a stimulating dialogue. One panelist (we’re under Chatham House rules here, so I can’t name names) observed that many... read more »

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