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India Times and Indian Express cite Rita McGrath’s Outliers HBR Article

The India Times writes…”In an article titled How the Growth Outliers Do It in HBR’s latest issue, its author Rita Gunther McGrath searched for listed companies that have grown by at least 5% each year over a 10-year period ending 2009. The results showed that only 10 companies – three from US, two each from India and Spain, and one each from Japan, China and Slovenia – grew their net... read more »

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The Next Women Magazine—Global Top 50 Management Thinkers Herminia Ibarra, Rita McGrath

View an interview with Rita McGrath, Herminia Ibarra, Linda Hill and Vijay Govindarajan during the Thinkers50 Summit, when they joined Studio Talk TV to discuss how their ideas are impacting the business world. Click to view here. read more »

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B of A Backtracks on Debit Fees—Technology News quotes Rita McGrath

“Bank of America might have been able to pull this off if the other banks had stuck to their plans for similar fees,” Gunther McGrath continued. ‘In some industries, even highly disliked ones, companies can get away with charging customers extra because extra charges are adopted by all competitors quickly. Remember the howls of protest when airlines started charging for checked bags? That move stuck because all the airlines did... read more »

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Defining Entrepreneural Mindset

Listen to a recent encore interview with Rita McGrath on The American Entrepreneur…third audio on this page. read more »

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Finally, a Business Thinkers List with Female Representation…

John Caddell at applauds the choice of Rita McGrath and other female business leaders on the Thinkers50 List: “The Thinkers 50 list has just been released. Of the 50 thinkers, 10 are women, plus one collaborator. That list includes four who were on my original list of six from 2008, including Amy Edmondson, Rita McGrath, Herminia Ibarra and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.” To read his entire post, click here. read more »

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Thinkers50 Summit names Rita McGrath one of Top 20 Thinkers of the World!

At the Thinkers50 Summit held in London, November 14th, Rita McGrath was ranked in the first 20 of the Top 50 Business Thinkers of the World. “In 2011, there are 11 women on the list, compared with five in 2009….Newcomers in 2011 are Sylvia Ann Hewlett, who comes straight in at No. 11; Linda Hill (No. 16); Teresa Amabile (No. 18); Rita McGrath (No. 19); Cuba-born Herminia Ibarra (No. 28);... read more »

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Interviews with top thinkers include Rita McGrath

November 16, 2011link to this website to view an interview with Rita McGrath. read more »

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Rita Gunther McGrath one of the world’s top 20 business thinkers

The global management list of leading thinkers has just been released, and I'm happy to share that I am one of the top 20 on the list.   You can see the list, images of the swanky awards dinner and other images at this link. read more »

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Rita McGrath nominated for The World’s 50 Leading Thinkers List

At, Rita McGrath is on the shortlist for World’s 50 Leading Thinkers List. “Another professor shortlisted is Columbia Business School’s Rita McGrath whose book, Discovery Driven Growth (with Ian MacMillan), has earned her a nomination for The Strategy Award. In particular, her thoughts on how to create breakthrough processes to reduce risk and seize opportunities have been commended by the Thinkers 50. McGrath teaches the Leading Strategic Growth and... read more »

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Rita Gunther McGrath short-listed in strategy category by Thinkers50

Rita Gunther McGrath was short-listed in the strategy category by Thinkers50, a one-every-two-years compendium of the world's top business thinkers. The category considers who CEO's would turn to for practical and imaginative strategic advice.   Awards will be announced at a major event in November, 2011. The complete shortlist can be downloaded here. read more »

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So much for “Keep the Change”

In 2005, Bank of America did something very unusual – they introduced an innovation in financial services that customers actually liked!  Called Keep the Change, the program targeted young women who were terrified of running up credit card debt and so used their debit cards for everything from coffee to the newspaper.  Consultancy IDEO helped with the design of the program, by observing how the target customers kept track of their... read more »

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Blog posting that discusses new leadership requirements for complex systems

In a very thoughtful blog Forbes commentator Haydn Shaughnessy observes that today’s complex environments require rather different leadership skills than were necessary in merely complicated systems. Worth a look! read more »

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How Boards Can Encourage Productive Failure

In a September 19, 2011 article by Tony Chapelle, entitled How Boards Can Encourage Productive Failure, Rita McGrath is quoted. Corporate boards should expect senior managers to cook up viable strategies for growth and profits. But inevitably, some of those strategies will fail. Knowing how much failure a company can tolerate, whether it’s a start-up or a mature multinational, is part of directors’ risk management duties. They can also... read more »

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Governors State Business Professor Publishes Harvard Business Review Article

Dr. Gokce Sargut, Assistant Professor of Management at Governors State University, is co-author with Rita McGrath of Learning to Live with Complexity, the cover story in the September-October issue of Harvard Business Review. He was featured recently in an article about the cover story. Click here to read the article. read more »

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New HBR article:  Living with Complexity and Link for Free Download

Gokce Sargut and I are working together on the fascinating subject of how organizations can sensibly and strategically cope with the demands of complex situations.  One of the papers from our ongoing research project is out in this months' Harvard Business Review.   We offer a perspective on why complexity is so hard to deal with (because it has interactive qualities that make outcomes unpredictable) and offer some suggestions on how... read more »

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