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Growth insights in a 45 minute Facebook live session!

No Powerpoints, no notes, just the team at Harvard Business Review, terrific and astute questions from viewers and a white board.  Check out this free Facebook Live session that has already garnered over 132,000 views. In more news – For those with an interest, our Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship OnLine course is now in beta – let us know if you would like to join as registrations close next week. And it is already looking... read more »

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New Women’s Leadership Course to be Launched in June

Anyone who has been following the coverage of women in the workplace, for example, this series in the Wall Street Journal, knows the general story line.  Professional women enter workplaces in numbers roughly equal to men, but with each rung of the career ladder, there are fewer and fewer, until the number of women representing the very top leadership of large corporations is a tiny fraction of the total.  Explanations for this disparity have... read more »

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Now in development: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship On-Line

What if you could take teams of people or individual contributors with an innovation mandate and have them go through a state of the art, hands-on and very applied journey through the essence of innovation in the convenience of an on-line format? Part executive development program, part coaching program and part real-time learning, the vision for Columbia’s new Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship Course is just that. It’s been a huge project... read more »

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The Future of Business Education – Panel at the Thinkers50 Event

Des Dearlove of the Thinkers50 chaired an amazing panel on November 11, 2013 entitled “The Future of Business Education”.  It was sponsored by Dean Santiago Iniguez of the IE business school, and featured as panelists Clark Callahan, the Dean of Executive Education at the Tuck School, Roger Martin of the Rotman School, Noel Tagoe, the Executive Director of Education for CIMA and myself. For the most part, the panelists were... read more »

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Transient Advantage: New article in HBR

In a new article featured in the June Harvard Business Review, I offer a summary of my new book.  Essentially, that strategy is stuck!  We've locked ourselves into a view of strategy that depends on sustainable competitive advantage.  In the new strategy playbook, we'll adopt practices that are suited to environments in which advantages come and go.  For instance, focusing on access to assets, not ownership of assets. And creating... read more »

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Free Webinar On Business Model Challenges and Innovation

Business Model Erosion and Innovation to combat this phenomenon is very much a topic of concern for strategists and innovators.  In this free half-hour webinar sponsored by Columbia Business School Executive Education, I reflect on some of the ways in which companies need to become alert to the potential erosion of a business model.  Have a look!  Feedback always welcome.  read more »

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Thought for the day on developing people

A LinkedIn exchange that was forwarded to me by a colleague:   What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?"   CEO answers, 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?"   Now there is food for thought! read more »

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Complimentary webinar on recent HBR article “failing by design” April 19 1pm

Join me in an on-line discussion of the recent HBR article, "Failing By Design."  The webinar will help attendees understand the concept of intelligent failure, in which when inevitably, things don't go as you expect, you can benefit from these mishaps and gain valuable learning.  Indeed, often failing quickly is the only way to discover opportunities that others who haven't tried and failed might miss.  This is a topic that we... read more »

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A coming chronic shortage of leaders - and what your company should be thinking about

In a recent Business Week article entitled The Coming Fight for Executive Talent, Claudio Fernandez-Araoz of search firm Egon Zehnder argues that the number of managers in the right age bracket for leadership roles will drop by 30% in just six years. Indeed, he suggests, the average corporation will be left with half the critical talent it needs by 2015. For those who are paying attention to such early warning... read more »

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Discovery Driven Planning:  Teaching in Non-Degree Executive Education Programs

I’m just here at the Strategic Management Society’s annual conference in Cologne.  It’s a meeting which aspires to bring together academics, consultants and business-people for fruitful dialogue and exchanges, although in fairness the tilt does seem to be more toward academics recently.  I did participate in an interesting session on how to teach in executive education programs.  I focused on issues of style (not too much lecturing, please!) and actually... read more »

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Columbia Business School offers one of the best “spare time” B Schools in Business Week

Business Week has just published its highly influential rankings of executive MBA and Executive Education programs, and I’m pleased and proud to note that Columbia has not only done well, but improved its position considerably in both.  In his first year as Associate Dean of our executive education offerings, Troy Eggers has led a strong upswing in our position.  For non-degree executive education offerings, Columbia ranked #5 for Open Enrollment... read more »

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How much does the prestige of a university matter to business?

I was recently asked to consider whether the prestige of a university matters at all in the business world.  I’d say it does. One place you see it make a huge difference is when companies are looking for universities to partner with in the world of executive education.  They feel a great comfort with a name brand as their university collaborators. For individuals, in my experience, a prestigious degree (and... read more »

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