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Case Studies and Applications

What a startup can learn about customer needs from a medieval practice

In a recent article over at Fortune, I explore what Transferwise, a fast-growing new startup has rediscovered:  an enduring customer need that is currently featuring in the migrant crisis, Hawala.  The practice of Hawala originated centuries ago when traders were concerned that they would be waylaid by bandits along their routes of travel.  So they worked out a trust-based practice in which a party in one location would receive a payment, and a trusted... read more »

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Discovery Driven Planning:  Teaching in Non-Degree Executive Education Programs

I’m just here at the Strategic Management Society’s annual conference in Cologne.  It’s a meeting which aspires to bring together academics, consultants and business-people for fruitful dialogue and exchanges, although in fairness the tilt does seem to be more toward academics recently.  I did participate in an interesting session on how to teach in executive education programs.  I focused on issues of style (not too much lecturing, please!) and actually... read more »

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