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Secrets of the Superbosses – catch up on Syd Finkelstein’s latest book

Lorne Michaels. Ralph Lauren. Alice Waters. George Lucas. Larry Ellison. Miles Davis. And a dozen others. Business leaders and creative icons with tremendous track records who all have something else in common: they helped develop the best talent in their industries, who in turn helped them become the legendary successes they are today. Based on ten years of research and hundreds of interviews, Superbosses describes what these exceptional leaders did,... read more »

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More on the “tightrope” effect

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned the “tightrope” that professional women are often forced to deal with.  Too friendly and approachable?  You’re “nice” but not taken seriously.  Too aggressive and insistent?  You’re … well, we all know the terms.  I was at a meeting yesterday in which one of the “ahas” was that it is nearly impossible for women to figure out where they stand with respect to the tightrope... read more »

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Networking parasites – this one struck a chord

Margaret Morford published an excellent piece in the New York Times about how people can avoid becoming what she calls “networking parasites“.   She picks up on a number of things that would-be networkers should be careful to avoid.  A few others that she didn’t mention are: The ‘I’d like to pick your brain’ request Not that this is bad, after all, a lot of us are in the knowledge dissemination... read more »

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Workers of the World…upsides and downsides of the on-demand workforce

In an article that appeared the other day on CNBC, reporter Cadie Thompson mulls over the effects of all these on-demand companies that make their money by connecting people with tasks to be done or resources that in a previous era would not have been connected at all.  While some enjoy the flexibility and control of the on-demand environment, for many other workers the unpredictable, precarious earnings they generate can... read more »

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