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Continuous reconfiguration – commended paper by Emerald Insight

Emerald Insight commended the research behind a recent paper, Continuous Reconfiguration in the Transient Advantage Economy.  In a nutshell, what I found was that firms that were capable of delivering consistent performance over a relatively long period of time did not tend to have dramatic downsizings, firings or major restructuring.  What you see instead is that they change in small ways, but with a quick pace.  In fact, you don’t... read more »

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Thinkers50 names Rita McGrath one of World’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Thinkers

Forbes Mike Myatt  …being nominated for a Thinkers50 award is largely considered akin to being nominated for an “Oscar” in management and leadership thinking….These obvious disclaimers aside, I believe the Thinkers50 to be the gold standard of credibility and accomplishment in the field of leadership and management. Strategy Award: Erik Brynjolfsson: The Schussel Family Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management; Laurence Capron: Author and professor of strategy at INSEAD; Richard D’Aveni: The Bakala... read more »

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Research Technology Management Reviews End of Competitive Advantage

Porter’s five forces and Hamel and Prahalad ’ s core competencies remain central concepts in corporate strategy. But in this book, Rita Gunther McGrath questions whether these ideas—both based on a belief in the need to create and defend a permanent competitive advantage—are still relevant. The 21st century has seen the emergence of such an intensely, globally competitive environment that McGrath believes that a transient advantage is all that is... read more »

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Making the Shift from Sustainable to Transient Advantage

Innosight recently interviewed Rita McGrath, excerpted below.   To read the entire interview, click here. You argue that competitive advantage is dying and that companies need to embrace the idea of transient advantage. What do you mean by that? The Holy Grail of strategy for many years has been defined as sustainable competitive advantage: you find an opportunity, you throw up entry barriers like crazy and then you get to enjoy... read more »

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Rita McGrath : Strategy in Volatile and Uncertain Environments interviewed Rita McGrath recently in which she answered a question about strategy:  Strategy is fundamentally about making choices.  Choices, of course, about what to do but equally importantly about what not to do.  I think of strategy as a central, integrated concept of how we’re going to achieve our objectives.  In a business sense, it’s what customers we seek to serve, what we’re going to do for them that... read more »

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Transient Advantage: New article in HBR

In a new article featured in the June Harvard Business Review, I offer a summary of my new book.  Essentially, that strategy is stuck!  We've locked ourselves into a view of strategy that depends on sustainable competitive advantage.  In the new strategy playbook, we'll adopt practices that are suited to environments in which advantages come and go.  For instance, focusing on access to assets, not ownership of assets. And creating... read more »

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Gems from the Ashes - How to Recover Value from Discontinued Ventures

May 19, 2000A scholarly study conducted over two years by Rita and her co-authors, Thomas Keil and Taina Tukiainen, has just been published in Organization Science.. This is our abstract: Our longitudinal study of the entire population of internal corporate ventures within a large European electronics manufacturer finds that the conventional focus in the corporate venturing literature to evaluate ventures based on business growth and financial performance may be misguided.... read more »

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BNET Discovery Driven Article:  Use Growth Business to Promote Employees

In Jeremy Dann’s interview: “In the newly released book Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity, Columbia’s Rita Gunther McGrath and Wharton’s Ian MacMillan reveal some dangerous traps that companies pursuing new growth platforms must avoid. Over the last two weeks, we’ve heard McGrath’s views on the best ways to define growth goals and the importance of consistency in the management of growth initiatives. Today we... read more »

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Market Busters Lead Article in Harvard Business School “Working Knowledge”

The lead article in the April 4, 2005 edition of Working Knowledge, a publication of Harvard Business School, entitled Mapping Out Your Market Busters features an excerpt from Market Busters. For the entire article, click here. read more »

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Praise for Discovery-Driven Planning

In a talk to attendees of the Medical Devices Executive Summit in San Francisco a few weeks ago, Barry Allen, Entrepreneur in Residence for VC firm, Ventures West Management, was quoted by BioWorld magazine as “Hailing discovery-driven planning, a process promulgated by Rita Gunther of Columbia University (New York) and Ian MacMillan of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)…Allen cited it as “a useful tool”... read more »

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Harvard Business Online | MarketBusting: Strategies for Exceptional Business Growth

Article reprint available through Harvard Business Online. Order the article today and get your copy in PDF format, hard copy or order your reprint permission. Description: If company leaders were granted a single wish, it would surely be for a reliable way to create new growth businesses. Business practitioners’ overwhelming interest in this subject prompted the authors to conduct a three-year study of organizational growth–specifically, to find out which growth... read more »

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