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Beyond Innovation Theater with Steve Blank and Brian Murray

If you couldn’t be there in person for our January 10, 2017 Columbia Entrepreneurship event, here is the video reprise.  It was an amazing conversation and a standing room only crowd!  Have a look and let me know what you think.

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  • 3/7/17 1:25 Agnese Minazzo:

    I truly enjoyed the conversation and I would like to thank you for having organized such a panel.
    I normally do not share my insights, but this time I really feel I would like to spend a few words and a few minutes on what I have heard.
    I was taken away by the humbleness of Mr. Murray: it is the first time I see an hand-on CEO who manages a portfolio thinking about not too, and at the same being active in delivering the current business and to build a momentum of/for emerging new business and to think about how to create option for future opportunities.
    I would like also to thanks Mr. Murray for having said aloud it is not only culture that stop or slow down changes in organization and working environments but money and personal interest: that was very specific and I appreciated his honesty because he addressed what issues are mainly about.
    This to me is being executive.
    I was also pleased to listen there are professionals who actually recognized the importance to define teams that work delivering MVP, linking thinktank(s) to performing classical organization, within or eternally to companies. I visited recently a firm that created a parallel business model to its classical one, with the goal to do exactly that, and I truly hope that intent succeeds.