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Preparing for the 8th Annual Drucker Forum

A few years ago, I started attending the Global Peter Drucker Forum, which has become a real who’s who of management conferences.  It takes place each November in Vienna and features luminaries and thought leaders from academia, business and consulting.  This time out, I’ll be facilitating a panel discussion with Tim Brown of IDEO, Sarah Armbruster of the very innovative Steelcase, colleague Julian Birkinshaw of the London Business School and Rosemarie Ryan, the co-founder and co-CEO of the aptly named co:collective.  The rest of the program looks amazing, with plenaries featuring Clayton Christensen, Phil Kotler, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Herminia Ibarra and many others.

You can see a 3-minute video on the history of the conference and the people that have been involved here.

If you are management idea junkie, this would be a great event to add to your itinerary.  The content and the environment are all first rate.

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