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Infosys cites Rita McGrath’s article “Is Your Company Biased Against Innovation?”

At InfyTalk, the Infosys CEO addresses Rita McGrath’s article in a talk about Innovation: “Our company, she says, has a systematic way of estimating how long a particular advantage is going to last, not to mention ‘systems that nurture innovation and processes that make sure the right people are at work on the business.’ These organizational features are terribly important in what has become a very competitive global economy. Established companies that will eventually be outclassed by competitors are operating on autopilot. ‘[These] companies exist to exploit existing businesses, not to create new ones,’ writes McGrath.” … “So in 2013, take these lessons to heart. It’s not the easiest thing to move out of your organizational comfort zone, but doing so can have its rewards. ‘It’s really striking how quickly and frequently people change their business models today,’ says McGrath. ‘It’s much more common than it used to be. Be prepared. Just because your model hasn’t changed much yet doesn’t mean that it won’t.'” To read the entire address, click here.

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