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Does Microsoft have a Plan B?

At, Rita McGrath addresses the question within their article No Plan B? The fallacies and risks of Microsoft’s all-in Windows gambit. With respect to transitioning Windows desktop to tables and smart phones, Microsoft’s CFO claimed to have no Plan B. Rita McGrath believes…that Microsoft has a Plan B pivot or two hidden up its sleeve—though the company may not realize it. “Even if Microsoft doesn’t consciously know there’s a Plan B, they’re such a resource rich and diverse company — and decision-making is pushed down to such a low level there — that if things really go wrong for them, and they go rooting around in the closet, they’re bound to find a Plan B, something waiting in the wings. My guess is that there’s stuff going on in the company that would be a de facto Plan B, even if it’s not part of the strategy plan.” To read the entire article, click here.

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