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Recording of Webinar “Five way to Tell if Your Innovation Process is Dysfunctional” now available

Those of you who couldn't make the webinar in real time can tune in to it in recorded fashion by visiting this link:

 During the 30-minute complimentary webinar, I discuss five of the most common, although well-intentioned, mistakes that companies make in designing their innovation process. Do you know whether your innovation processes needs work?

Think about these typical issues:

  • Innovation is an on-again, off-again process that leaves the organization worse off than if you'd never tried anything new
  • Resources get trapped and held hostage in established businesses
  • Organizations try to squeeze innovation efforts into the organizational structures they have already (usually with disastrous results)
  • Mismatches between the people making innovation decisions and the customers, segments and businesses targeted by the innovation
  • Using conventional planning and forecasting techniques when you're trying to do something entirely new

The webinar concludes with suggestions for practices that companies can use to improve their innovation effectiveness and overcome the most common barriers to growth.


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