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Blog Quotes Rita McGrath—E-Windows to Throw Smartphone Market Wide Open

Rita McGrath commented on the impact of E-Windows on the Smartphone industry in which the “expected boost in Windows Phone 7 OS is clearly being fueled by Nokia’s decision to phase out Symbian as it makes the shift to Windows. Symbian-powered smartphone shipments will cease by 2014, IDC predicted.”

“There are other factors that will drive Windows Phone 7 OS,” said Rita Gunther McGrath, associate professor at Columbia Business School. For starters, Verizon and other platform companies are eager for a third ecosystem to compete with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), and they will embrace Windows phones, she told the E-Commerce Times. No doubt, its pricing relative to Apple products will be attractive as well. “Some manufacturers who currently use Android are going to grow increasingly disenchanted with the fact that Google now owns a competing phone company and will divert resources toward Microsoft and away from Android,” said McGrath. In addition, “Microsoft will leverage its relationships with enterprise and other customers to support the phones,” she added.

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