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Scott Anthony’s “Little Black Book” is a must-read for corporate innovators

I am diving with great delight into my good friend Scott Anthony's latest book, The Little Black Book of Innovation.  It's a great book which distills a huge amount of what we know works into an approachable format that is direct, action-oriented and very sound.  Here is some advice from me.  If you are trying to launch an innovation program in a large corporation, run, do not walk, to your provider of choice and get this book.

A particular "aha" for me takes place on pages 207-245 in which Scott addresses the most common problems I see innovations running smack into in large organizations.  How do I find the resources?  How do I integrate (or not) with the parent company's core competences? How do I avoid the "sucking sound" of the core business?  And, how do I generate some early validating results to protect myself from the ticking clock of some corporate problem somewhere that threatens the existence of our group? 

I am so taken with this material that I plan to use it myself in a workshop next week. 

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