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Cognizant Among Ten “Growth Outliers” That Have Shown Consistent Growth Over Ten Years

According to research published in Harvard Business Review about how many publicly traded companies with a market capitalization of at least US$1 billion have grown by at least 5% each year over the last ten years, Cognizant is among the ten companies—the “Growth Outliers” —that have shown steady, predictable growth over all of the last ten years. A total of 2,347 companies qualified for the research. Cognizant is also one of the five companies that grew both revenues and net income every year. “Steady, predictable growth is what every big company strives for and what investors prize above all else,” writes Rita Gunther McGrath, a strategy expert and professor at Columbia Business School, adding that the outliers “defied the odds by achieving steady growth for 10 years running.”

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