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Rita McGrath quoted in Modern Contractor Solutions

Ted Garrison interviewed Rita McGrath for his Seize Opportunities through Discovery-Driven Growth article: “One of the things we are seeing very strongly is that companies that are successful in these truly turbulent environments have a pipeline of opportunities at all times.” She advocates that you need a series of approaches where you systematically go through and really conjure up opportunities. Once potential opportunities are identified, it’s a matter of screening and scoring them. I asked Professor McGrath what advice she had for contractors who want to grow their businesses in these crazy times. She responds, “The first thing they must do is segment their potential customers into places where there are still opportunities for growth or for reconfiguration.” Contractors might find opportunities for their applications in areas the company normally does not participate in, but where these applications are relevant. The second approach is to ask what skills and capabilities your company has developed that are relevant in a world that is moving very, very rapidly.” To read the entire post, click here.

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