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WikiLeaks, the Cloud, and You!

I recently argued over at my Harvard Business Review blog that recent dramatic releases of information that was meant to be private (Karen Owens' revelations of intimate relationships and the ongoing WikiLeaks revelations) are likely to give pause to those advocating the movement to the cloud of more and more information, including confidential data.  While there are many compelling reasons that cloud computing is a desirable thing, there are also a lot of reasons why someone might be nervous about sensitive information being so widely distributed.  The Atlantic has now picked up the theme, in a piece that questions whether Wikileaks has cast a "dark cloud" over the idea of cloud computing itself.

The problem, of course, is not with the cloud itself.  Its with people who have access or who would like to gain access to information others would prefer they not have.  An interesting dilemma for our time. 

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