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It’s The Time to Plan But Most of Us Aren’t Very Good At It

Bryan O’Rourke, a strategic adviser, author, presenter and contract executive lauds Rita McGrath and her blog: “If you’ve followed me for long, you know I am a big fan of Rita McGrath. Well it’s that time of year for many of the companies I have an ownership stake in, as well as for my strategic partners and clients – we are planning for 2011. Rita is on point about how so many companies don’t plan very well. Many leaders need to rethink planning and strategy. Strategy is dynamic and about learning. Many leaders should stop thinking that planning is about being right. They should also stop thinking failing is bad. Low cost intelligent learning is invaluable and businesses have great opportunities to improve how they learn to create value but this thinking remains uncommon in leadership. The implications of this thinking to organization’s planning processes are significant.” The entire post is here.

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