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Sagantia Innovation Boot Camp - Kick Starting Innovation

Sagantia is a UK based technology and product development company that I've been studying as part of the research for a new project.  Among the many interesting things they do is run an innovation boot camp (click on the link to download a case description), which has many characteristics in common with other innovation sessions that I have organized myself.  It's got a lot of similarities to the driving organic growth and innovation program that Bob Cooper led for some time at DuPont and for other companies.  Among the salient features:

  • Rock-ribbed senior level commitment from the top to provide resources once an idea is endorsed
  • Time to focus on ideas that could lead to possible business, rather than shoring up existing businesses
  • Facilitation by experts with a process architecture (in the Sagantia case, it's a three week intensive process; in the Market Driven Growth case it involves several iterations over a few months)
  • Input from external experts and customers as well as insiders
  • Clear decision points and clear decision criteria
  • Generation of lots of ideas to get to a few that might be worthwhile
  • A process of true engagement, not just an 'event' or lip service

We've all been part of those horrible 'no idea is a bad idea' brainstorming sessions where everyone has a good time and nothing ever happens.  Case studies such as the Sagantia example can help us from getting off on the wrong track.

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