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Predictable Success Interview:  Finding Your Own Growth Track

In her interview with Predictable Success, Rita McGrath shares:
* » Her passion for politics and political consulting;
* » How she’s working with leadership teams to help them create an entrepreneurial mindset;
* » Why, in the beginning, it wasn’t her desire to be a professor;
* » Why it intrigues her to study problems that are relevant to people;
* » Her goal to reaching out to managers with strategic topics;
* » Teaching large organizations to learn discipline in their work;
* » On writing books – why she stumbled to find her voice and about setting time to write;
* » Her ‘Market Busters’ 40 specific tactics;
* » The 5 strategic lenses to new growth opportunities;
* » Her involvement with Microsoft CEO Summit;
* » How her second book ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ came to be;
* » Why she believes you don’t have to be undisciplined to accommodate growth;
* » The key to an organization’s distinguishing factors;
* » Why she says you should keep your assets light and flexible;
* » The 2 main drivers for ‘Discovery Driven Growth’;

To listen to the interview, download the mp3 file, or download to iTunes, click here.

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