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At long last - a baggage charge that makes sense

Halleluja! That was my response on learning from today's New York Times that Spirit Airlines is going to start charging people to carry on bags that go into the overhead bins. I know this will mightily annoy many, but I have thought for years that such a charge makes sense. Charging people to check their bags has resulted in a noticeable increase in carry-ons, and with planes being more full than ever, the predictable space crunch simply diminishes the quality of the experience for everyone. With a charge, perhaps more people will go back to putting baggage in the hold and freeing up space in the cabin for things they really need during the trip. I bet it makes traveling far more civilized. So if you really need to carry your bags on, you still can, but if you don't absolutely have to, let's save the space. Everyone has their boring stories about baggage and awful flights, so I'll spare you mine. Let's just say that Spirit has my enthusiastic endorsement and I hope other airlines follow suit.

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