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Old People, Non-Geeks—The iPad’s Unlikely Saviors

The Atlantic Wire writes: Even if nerds kvetch and refuse to buy an iPad, the device may still sell with some big demographics — casual tech users, the disabled, the elderly and women. Columbia Business School professor Rita McGrath makes the case. “The iPad, she argues, “will be explosive less for tech-elites than for ‘non users’ — people who might never have been able to take advantage of computers before.” She gives a personal example: “An older member of my family was given a computer, took lessons, and worked on a few projects. She would love to be a proficient user — to exchange news and photos with her family, and to be able to look up newspaper reports. You would think her computer has all the ingredients necessary to be a successful, world-opening device for someone who can’t get out as much as she used to — it’s wired and wireless, with high speed Internet. So what’s the problem? The mouse! The movements needed to manipulate a mouse have proven impossible for her to master.” To read the entire article, click here.

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