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Innovation Leaders—a breed different from corporate managers

The Nasscom Emerge blog cites “Ian MacMillan and Rita McGrath (both taught at a Spring 08 Columbia Business School program I attended) in an HBR article say ‘Most profitable strategies are built on differentiation: offering customers something they value that competitors don’t have.’ And Harsh Mariwala, Chairman & MD, Marico Ltd says, ‘ innovation is the fountainhead for differentiation.’ The importance of innovation in business is clear. However, to most companies and managers, it is not clear where such innovation might come from. If you turn to management guru Tom Peters, his answer is ‘The #1 source of innovation is pissed-off people.’ These are people that are annoyed with the status quo. They want something different and much better. How would you identify such people? How would you encourage and retain such people in your organization? How would you actually get them to innovate? Here’s how: start by creating a senior leadership position in innovation. These innovation leaders will stimulate, sponsor, steer, and sustain innovation in your organization. To read the entire post by Pradeep Henry, click here.

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