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Manta finds small business owners disillusioned with current administration

I’ve been following the research published by Manta a fascinating company that I first encountered when I went out to do a keynote speech at Tech Columbus.  Their latest small business survey finds the following:

Survey Reveals Approval Rating Low and Small Business Not a Priority

COLUMBUS, Ohio – January 14, 2010 – As President Barack Obama approaches his one year anniversary in office, 80 percent of small business owners believe that small business initiatives are not a priority for the Obama administration in 2010. The survey, conducted in early January by Manta of more than 900 small business owners and employees, found that 77 percent of respondents say the administration has hurt small business, and 76 percent believe Obama had an unsuccessful first year.

With profiles of more than 63 million businesses and organizations, Manta is the Web’s largest free source of information on and for small businesses. In the company’s most recent “Pulse of Small Business” user survey, 59 percent of respondents say they feel less confident that they will be able to grow their business in 2010, compared to the same time in 2009.

“America runs on small business,” said Pamela Springer, Manta president and CEO. “For the remainder of President Obama’s first term, it’s vital that his administration understand the needs and concerns of small business owners. It must realize solutions to bolster small business to regain confidence and rebuild the backbone of the U.S.”

When asked what area of the administration’s plans will affect small business the most, 40 percent of respondents said health care reform. A survey, conducted by Manta in October 2009, found that 77 percent of small businesses are concerned about health care reform in 2010. Almost 70 percent said they will likely need to cut costs to maintain current benefit levels, with almost half of those saying they plan to reduce headcount.

In 2010, small businesses will need more resources to help promote and grow their businesses. Manta makes millions of businesses visible in a way they’ve never been before. With hard-to-find information such as estimated revenue, number of employees, company contacts, business descriptions and more, Manta enables business professionals to promote their companies, sell faster and make business connections. With more than 14 million monthly visitors, Manta facilitates new business connections as this audience discovers companies, their owners and their key employees.

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