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Rita McGrath spoke to International Society of Professional Innovation Management

On December 7, 2009, Rita McGrath appeared at the invitation of the ISPIM at their New York City meeting. Jack Hipple reporting on the meeting on his blog, wrote: “Dr. Rita Gunther McGrath from the Harvard Business School [sic] discussed Growth in Uncertain Times. She made a very interesting presentation on thinking ahead in starting up a new business–asking the important questions first and looking at upward integration for value, which is not a new concept for those familiar with this line of evolution in TRIZ thinking. She illustrated this point vividly with the example of Build-A-Bear, a toy store company (and also on line now) in which a shopper chooses a “basic” bear and then outfits it with whatever clothes, ribbons, etc. that wants, in the store.” To read more about Rita McGrath’s presentation, other speakers, and the ISPIM, click here.

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