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A Better Way to Plan Your Next IT Innovation

The Ivey Business Journal (University of Western Ontario), May-June 2009 edition, published an article by Rita McGrath: “To study innovation is to a large extent to study missteps, failures, false assumptions and outright flops. While learning from failure gets great press, in theory, relatively few organizations are good at learning effectively from their failures. Even worse, it’s often possible to see a flop unfolding long before funds are irrevocably committed and people’s hopes and dreams come crashing down with it. Encouragingly, the problems that lead to big flops are not usually the result of a lack of talent, poor management, bad planning or other common excuses for things going wrong. The primary problem is that in the face of highly uncertain conditions, we fund, plan and manage projects as though we had all the facts.” To read the entire article, click here.

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