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Harvard Business Review “BreakThrough Ideas” for 2009

As many of you will be aware, my co-authored piece with Gurdeep Singh Pall of Microsoft appeared in the “Breakthrough Ideas” article in the Harvard Business Review recently.  Harvard has made us a great offer—the first 25 people to click on a special link can download a copy of the piece for free!  So please feel free to click away.

If you are too late and all the ‘free’ clicks are taken, I have physical reprints here that I would be happy to snail mail you – just tell me where to send one if you would like that.

Title: The HBR List: Breakthrough Ideas for 2009
Product Number: R0902A
Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article
Length: 21p
Authors: Elizabeth Warren; Amelia Tyagi; Paul Collier; Jean-Louis Warnholz; Amy J.C. Cuddy; John Sviokla; Noah J. Goldstein; Raymond Fisman; Paul Saffo; Gurdeep Singh Pall; Rita Gunther McGrath; Janine M. Benyus; Gunter A.M. Pauli; Michael I. Norton; Peter Schwartz; Nicholas A. Christakis; Marcelo Suarez-Orozco; Ian Bremmer; Juan Pujadas; Steve Jurvetson; Lew McCreary; Tom Ilube; Alex Pentland; Thomas H. Davenport; Bala Iyer; R. Stanley Williams

Click here to see if you are in time for a free download

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