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Hello there – in response to requests to access some of our electronic tools, I’m posting the instructions here while we wait to get them up on the Discovery Driven Growth web site.
Instructions for Obtaining BareBones Real Options and Monte Carlo Tool from

1. Visit the Cameron Associates Website.

2. At the bottom of the form on this web-page, be sure to tick “Tick here if you are a participant in a Cameron & Associates training program”.
  This will ensure that you receive a trial version of the software with no additional payment.

3. At the top of the form, tick the following options:
      – BareBones Real Optoins Tool
      – Monte Carlo Tool
  Choose a 45-day trial License Duration in all cases.

4. Fill in your remaining details on the form, and then
  click the “Proceed to Price Page” button at the bottom
  of the form. The price page should show a price of zero dollars.
  If you see a price greater than zero dollars, press the
  Back button in your browser, and ensure that you ticked
  the checkbox entitled “Tick here if you are a
  participant in a Cameron & Associates training program”
  on the form, so that you obtain the software at no charge.

  If you receive a “Security Certificate Error” warning after
  clicking the “Proceed to Price Page” button at the bottom
  of the form, please ignore the warning and choose the red option
    “Continue to this website”
  even if your web-browser warns “(not recommended)”

5. You will be emailed activation instructions within 2 minutes.
  If you do not receive the emails from, check your spam filter.

6. Download the software from the download links provided
  in the confirmation emails you receive.  If you do not
  receive the confirmation emails, you can find the software

Monte Carlo

BareBones Real Options

You can download the above files into *any* folder on your machine.

To extract the downloaded software:

– For Monte Carlo: simply unzip the file, and the
  Monte_Carlo.xls spreadsheet will be accessible in the folder
  you unzipped to (usually you will find the Monte_Carlo.xls
  spreadsheet under a subfolder called “/Monte Carlo”, under
  the download folder you used).

– For BareBones Real Options: unzip the file.
  Then double-click on BareBones Real Options Installer.msi which will install
  the software.  The software will be installed into:
    “C:Program FilesCameron AssociatesBareBones Real Options”
  Look for the spreadsheet file file called “BareBones Real Options.xls”
  in that folder.

7. After you have extract the downloaded files,
  open the Excel spreadsheets.
  If, for BareBones Real Options, you cannot find the Excel spreadsheets, look in

    “C:Program FilesCameron AssociatesBareBones Real Options”

  If you receive an error relating to Macros not being enabled,
  see the instructions for Macro activation in the TROUBLESHOOTING
  section below.  Similarly, if you click on buttons
  in the spreadsheet and they do nothing, it is probably because
  you do not have Macros enabled – again, see the instructions
  under the TROUBLESHOOTING section below on how to enable Macros.

9. Be sure you are connected to the internet before you attempt this step.
  Once you are sure you are connected to the internet,
  press the “Renew Licence” button in the spreadsheet,
  and feed in your username and password on the left
  under “Automatic Renewal” on the left of the
  “License Renewal/Activation” window that popped up.

  Your username and password are the username and password
  you chose when you registered on

  To find the “Renew License” button:

    – For BareBones Real Options, the “Renew License” button is a hyperlink titled “Activate/Renew”
at the top right of the spreadsheet, in cell F1.

    – For Monte Carlo, if you are running Excel 2003,
      the “Renew License” button is on the right of the
      floating toolbar.

    – For Monte Carlo, if you are running Excel 2007,
      the “Renew License” button is on the “Add-Ins” tab,
      at the very right of the “Add-Ins” ribbon.

  If you believe are connected to the internet, but you
  still obtain an error message when attempting to activate
  using the easy “Automatic Renewal” section on the left of the
  “License Renewal/Activation” window, then follow the
  “MANUAL ACTIVATION” steps described under TROUBLESHOOTING below.

9. For more information on the installation process please
  read the tutorial documents located in the folder where you
  extracted the software.  If you cannot find the folder
  where the software was extracted, either check in
      C:Program FilesCameron Associates
  or download and extract the software again.

10. If you wish to purchase paid 1-year licenses of the software,
  priced at $250 per tool, per year, follow the instructions
  above, but choose “1 year” license duration and do
*not* tick   the checkbox entitled “Tick here if you are a
  participant in a Cameron & Associates training program”.
  Payments are accepted via PayPal using any major credit card.

For technical support enquiries, e-mail:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


First, be sure that you have downloaded the spreadsheet to your local computer.  Do not attempt to open the spreadsheet within a web-browser as macros do not work when the spreadsheet is opened within a web-browser.  You *must* download the spreadsheet to your local computer, then open it from your local computer.

When you open the sheet, there’ll be a button at the top that says “Enable macros…”  (in Excel 2003) or “Options…”
(in Excel 2007).
  You’ll need to press that and then choose to enable
macros.  ( In Excel
2007, the “Options…” button is to the right of the “Security Warning”
that will be displayed above the spreadsheet depending on your Excel security setting.

If you don’t see that button, and you’re working in Excel 2003, you need to go to Tools and set Macro Security to Medium, then close and reopen Excel.

If you’re using Excel 2007, you can change macro security settings in the Trust Center, unless a system administrator in your organization has changed the default settings to prevent you from changing the settings.
On the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Macro Security.
If the Developer tab is not displayed, click the Microsoft Office Button , click Excel Options, and then in the Popular category, under Top options for working with Excel, click Show Developer tab in the Ribbon.
In the Macro Settings category, under Macro Settings, click “Medium”
security”.  You can also access the Trust Center in the Excel Options dialog box. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Excel Options. In the Trust Center category, click Trust Center Settings, and then click the Macro Settings category.


In most cases, you should be able to use the Automatic Renewal steps described above.  If, for some reason, you were unable to use the “Automatic Renewal” feature, you can visit this web-page to activate manually:

  – Activating manually is a slightly longer process that requires
    you to use the above web-page.
  – The username and password to use on this web-page
    are the ones you used when you originally signed
    up on
  – You can find the license code requested by the above web-page
    by clicking the “Renew License” button at the top right of
    the spreadsheet, and then copying and pasting
    the license code from there into the web-page mentioned above.
    Do *not* attempt to manually type the license
code: it is much
    easier to cut-and-paste it.
  – Be sure to select the correct piece of software from the
    drop-down list on the web-page above
  (e.g. choose “BareBones Real Options Tool”
      or “Monte Carlo” tool as appropriate).
  – After you have completed the above web-page, it will email you
    a manual activation code.  To use the manual activation code,
    you should click on the “Renew button” on the spreadsheet again,
    then cut-and-paste the activation code from your email into the
    “Manual Renewal” section on the right-hand side of the
    “License Renewal/Activation” window that popped up, then
    click the “Renew/Activate License” button on the right.
  – Note that you only need to use the above Manual Renewal
    process (described in bullet points) if you attempted the
    Automatic Renewal process on the left of the
    “License Renewal/Activation” window and automatic renewal didn’t work.



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