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More on Total Recall Technologies

I’ve been getting a lot of interested reactions from the World Economic Forum / Harvard Business Review “Ideaslab” session I did at Davos.  You can find the YouTube version here and it is also published on my Harvard On-line blog.  If anyone is interested in the slides, please let me know and I will email them to you.  The format was one that the WEF people are experimenting this year, called Pecha Kucha.  It’s actually great – 15 slides, 20 seconds each, and the slides are not your usual “death by powerpoint” but instead represent pictures and images that reinforce the point of the presentation.  I found it really refreshing.  To learn more about Pecha Kucha, you’ll find a fascinating overview from Daniel Pink at this link.

But I’m digressing.

Those interested in the Ideaslab talk might also be interested in some predictions about the technologies’ trajectory from my esteemed colleague and Microsoft Executive, Gurdeep Singh Pall.  He’s taken the bold and courageous step of actually making some predictions, which you will find here, at the nojitter blog.

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