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Making passengers smile at Zurich International Airport - the power of small differentiators

Here I am in Switzerland, working with one of Columbia’s best clients, Swiss Reinsurance.  We run a program called “Creating Breakthrough Strategies” for their most senior executives, and it’s always a highlight.

I was struck once again upon arriving at Zurich Airport how often simple little things can create a differentiated experience for customers.  In this case, when one takes a train from the “E” terminals (which are remote) to get to the area where there is baggage claim and so on, the airport has created a little light show that looks like a movie of the bucolic Swiss countryside as you go by.  Even better, they accompany the movie with sounds of cowbells and loud, authentic sounding mooing.  I was watching one family whose children were clearly not happy with the whole travel experience, and the little ones burst into smiles.  Imagine how nice more ordinary transactions could be if we put some energy into such small but friendly touches. 

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