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Discovering New Points of Differentiation featured at Small Business Blog

Melody Campbell, Small Business Guru, cites the McGrath/MacMillan Harvard Business Review article Discovering New Points of Differentiation in her posting Consumption Chain:
“MacMillan and McGrath list a set of questions to ask about your business:

How do people become aware of their need for your product or service?
How do consumers find your offering?
How do consumers make their final selection?
How do customers order and purchse your product or service?
What happens when your product or service is delivered?
How is your product installed?
How is your product or service paid for?
How is your product stored?
How is your product moved around?
What is the customer really wanting your product for?
What do customers need help with when they use your product?
What about returns and exchanges?
How is your product repaired or serviced?
What happens when your product is disposed of or no longer used?

To read the entire blog article, go to the Small Business Guru blog.

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