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Comment on Virtual Operations

From our good friend in Korea, Hyokon Zhang (we’ve temporarily disabled comments due to too much junk and spam – but if you email me comments I’ll happily post them – Rita)

I absolutely agree. If you want to improve the service level of store operation, six-sigma could help. But if you want to remove the store altogether and go virtual, you need a totally different perspective. Six-sigma assumes continuity, but what you are doing is destroying and recreating.

We just reopened our company website including a blog. I find blog as a great tool for expressing ourselves and communicating with people. And it shows that you are there. I think we are one of the earliest adopter of blogging among consulting firms (actually we aspire to be something else than a traditional consulting firm). It has a news entry about our seminar in 2005, but it is in Korean.

Hyokon Zhiang
Founding Partner
Innomove Group (

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