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Update - Money from a nuisance

You may remember that some months ago, I wrote about a service that promised to handle junk faxes. To refresh your memory, here is how it works: You register with a company called Fax Recovery Systems at After they have given you a registration number, you collect junk faxes as they come in and periodically forward them to the service.What Fax Recovery Systems does is aggregate these junk faxes from many clients. They then sue the offending companies under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). If they win a settlement, they send the clients that provided the evidence a check. They make their profit by retaining the rest of the settlement, which I think is only fair since they do not charge for the service.

Imagine my surprise when a check for $100 was sent to me yesterday. How delightful. I dont begrudge them keeping whatever they got from the settlement. If it helps decrease my junk faxes, I am a happy camper.

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