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xbox360: Half the magic

As the mother of a teenage boy who just had a REALLY big birthday, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the Xbox 360 saga. I just can’t understand it – here we are, months after the thing was released on November 22 and my local Best Buy guy still breaks into hysterical laughter every time I inquire about getting one. So with the aforementioned Big Birthday on the horizon, I had to resort to desperate measures.

What I find interesting is that the xBox is undeniably popular -Microsoft can sell every one they can ship. The trouble seems to be shipping them. Indeed, according to Fortune, only 600,000 shiny new xboxes were sold, in contrast to Sony’s PS2, which sold 1.4 million units in the same period in December. So what do you think? Will Sony ultimately benefit from the customer frustration? Or will the xBox allure carry it forward into the period when Sony’s cool new game is supposed to come out?

Mothers everywhere want to know.

Oh, and I did succeed in getting one. Joy at our house!

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