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Email - marketbuster waiting to happen?

So here’s a marketbuster waiting for a solution: Email! Everybody knows that it can be a great benefit, but it also has major downsides. Reports Bary C. Sherman of the WhiteCollar Productivity Index (WPI) (from Business Week December 19, 2005):

The average executive in the U.S. is recieving 200 e-mails per day AFTER spam is extracted.

50% of those mails (after spam) are of no value to the receiver.Administrative and new staff get about 50 emails a day of which 30% are of no value.

he estimates that an organization of 1,000 people will waste about 36,000 hours per year and a cost of $1.8 million in productivity just to scan and discard unwanted and useless email.

Doesn’t this strike you as a problem someone is going to make a lot of money solving? if only we knew how…

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