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Alienware computers - the saga continues

Well, the computers arrived this past week. They got here when I was in Finland, so by the time I got home there was a smoking mound of packaging occupying the entire dining room, and puzzled consternation from the teens, who evidently had decided to forge on ahead and install everything themselves.

Well, I have to say that the looks of the devices were a big disappointment. Although the towers themselves were colored, as promised, all the peripherals are your standard computer silver and black, including the monitor. And the machines are HUGE.I suppose to contain all that horsepower they perhaps have to be big. They do have very cool blue lights that go on when the machine is working, but they also have a massive exhaust array and run very hot. The set up also seems to have done something to our home network which will necessitate a call to the trusty computer guys to come and sort things out again. I am still wondering why I paid the kind of money I paid for these machines, given what we’ve now learned. At the same time, I think consumption exhaustion has set in – I’m thoroughly sick of talking about computers for the teens! And both say they are happy, so I guess we’ll get the network up and running again and go with the flow.

Let this be a warning to those of you thinking of buying Alienware – the computers basically look like everybody else’s, except for the towers.

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