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Oreo and new ‘enragers’ - An opportunity?

Just read (and commented on) a most interesting post over at the Fast Company web site. Seems the folks at Oreo are doing a lot of soul-searching about the addictive, unhealthy and all around negative aspects of their product, the iconic Oreo Cookie! What a great example of features that once were tolerated but have now moved to become dissatisfiers or even enragers. So, what should they do?My thought was that they should of course fix the major sources of damage (primarily transfats) that Oreos can do. But to save the brand, Kraft will have to do better than that, which means either re-segmenting their mass market to focus Oreo advertising on customers who simply aren’t tuned in to the problems, or even better, shifting the terms of the debate. They could, for instance, make eating Oreos occasionally a statement of a luxurious, self-confident treat. We all know that once that package comes home, it’s the unique person who is going to eat just one, anyway…

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