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Don’t call us 2.0 - dumb ad category

So along the ‘don’t call us’ theme, here is an example of a waste of money. The ad appears in the August 2005 issue of Inc, on what would be page 39. “Don’t Call Us.” it boldly begins, followed by the phrases “when a technology performs flawlessly and is simple to use, it soon becomes something you don’t need to think about, won’t need to think about. Fortunately for your business, XOptionsFlex is exactly that kind of “no need to call” technology”.

What they don’t tell you is what technology they are selling! I gather after scrutinizing the ad that it is some kind of telephone service provider. But what a name – XOptions Flex???Don’t lose the irony in this one – this company, along with others, is trying to simultaneously sell you a telephone service (I think) while the main thrust of their ad is about not making calls.

Oh well, maybe times have changed but when I went to business school Marketing 101 taught us that you need to tell customers what you are selling before they’ll be prepared to buy.

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