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Websense tames the Wild West of the Internet for Profit

Websense (WBSN), a software company, has hit a sweet spot for growth by making products that allow employers to optimize their people’s use of the Web. Some interesting data from the company’s web site (

Internet misuse at work costs American organizations more than $85 billion annually in lost productivity.
Although 99% of companies use antivirus software, 78% of them were hit by viruses, worms, or other malicious applications.
37% of at-work internet users in the U.S. have visited an X-rated website from work.
Over 72% of internet users utilize high-bandwidth applications, including instant messaging, downloading music, and watching video clips.Imagine – these are issues that even ten years ago would never have been understood as significant for most leading corporations. Websense, by providing tools that let organizations monitor and control how their people use the Web, has enjoyed explosive growth (48.9% last year alone). The company’s story shows how entirely new market moves can pay off handsomely for companies adroit enough to capitalize on them.

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