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A new use for Botox

One of our colleagues, Jim Thompson, passed along a tidbit that expands even further on the Botox story we wrote about in MarketBusters. It seems that Botox, which is actually a highly dangerous substance in certain forms, does more than help people reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which it does by paralyzing certain muscle groups. Now it turns out that Botox may be a boon to another group of customers, those who suffer from the production of excessive and uncontrollable perspiration. Yes, Botox appears to block certain nerve impulses sent by the brain to the sweat glands.The condition (called “hyperhidrosis” if you really wanted to know that) is so difficult to control and so embarrassing for its sufferers that it can interfere with their ability to have a normal life — in fact, many times such patients don’t understand that their condition has a medical, not a personal, cause. We’ll stay tuned to see whether this new discovery will further extend the growth of Allergan, the California company that turned a deadly substance into earnings gold.

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